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Posted: Sunday, October 22, 2017 2:08 PM


Have you ever wondered why the US government gets away with murder, torcher, stealing of its citizens, well I’m here to tell you that ever since the civil war the US government mandate has been to destroy all intellectual people, and replace them with mindless simpletons, simply because the US government has been controlled by European elites, and banking interests, and here is the reason why, back in the late 1800’s European scientists came up with a device that allows for free flight in outer space, commonly referred to as a stable warped gyroscope. This device causes a artificial gravity wave to be produced within a space craft, there by allowing forward motion, using only electricity, the early models were mechanical, the lastest versions uses EM (electro-magnet) to displace the mass. The best way to describe the inner working of this technology is this, take a round plate, when it’s stationary all parts are equal, but when you spin the plate (like a center fuse) the energy on the outer edge of the plate is much greater than the center of the plate, in fact the center of the plate has no energy at all, even at extreme rotation, but the outer edge has massive energy being created the faster it spins. So now in order to create forward motion, you need to harness the differential between the center and outer edge, for example if you had a ball bearing with some weight, you could nudge it from the center of the plate, (as the plate spins) so that it will go to the edge of the plate, and as the ball bearing stops, all the kinetic energy from the mass of the ball bearing, will want to keep going, so the result of the stopping of the ball bearing causes forward motion of the plate, and in subsequent the space craft the plate is attached to, now one ball bearing just gives you one “jolt” of motion, now just image a cascading bombardment of ball bearing, would result in massive (only thing comparable would be thrust) movement. Now you are probably wondering if this technology has existed for so long, then why is it not available to the public, and why are we using such primitive rocket technology, it’s very simple, just think of human nature, if you had something that elevates you to the realm of the “gods” would you share it? Simple answer is no, instead you would do everything in your power to de-evolve the people you escaped from, infecting them with retarded beliefs of gods, and enforcing slavery, and getting rid of the intellectual people who would threaten your tierney, and replacing them with simpletons, who will eventually worship you as gods!

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